Its back… that’s right, dBASE CLASSIC™ one of the best-selling dBASE™ for MS-DOS is back!
dBASE CLASSIC™ is based on the original dBASE™ V for DOS product released by Borland back in 1994.
The response to dbDOS™, our MS-DOS Emulator for 32 and 64 Bit Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, has been overwhelming and one of the main requests we receive is "Can we buy dBASE V for DOS?". Previously you had to search the Internet for old copies being resold. Now, we have repackaged it and are now making it available to everyone for the introductory price of just $99.00 USD NOTE: dBASE CLASSIC™ will NOT run on Windows® Vista or above or on any Windows® 64 bit Operating Systems without an MS-DOS emulation program such as dbDOS™.
This new package comes with dBASE V for DOS, integrated help and the newly recreated copies of all of the “box of docs” that came with the original package, in a new searchable PDF format. This means that we have the original documentation included in the installation in PDF format. You can search for any item, have screen shots, and a full index showing where the information is, and right from within any standard PDF viewer. This is the first time since the original release back in 1994 that the “box of docs” has been made available in any form.



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