dBASE CLASSIC™ Requirements

dBASE CLASSIC™ will NOT run on 32 bit Windows® 8 and above or on any Windows® 64 bit Operating Systems without an MS-DOS emulation program such as dbDOS™.

dBASE CLASSIC™ can run natively in DOS on Windows 95 up through Windows XP, but for the product to run on the latest hardware and software from Microsoft, the user will need a product like dbDOS™.


For a full list of features as reported when the dBASE V for DOS product was released in 1994 from BORLAND, please review the following page: FEATURES

Will there be updates dBASE CLASSIC™?

dBASE CLASSIC™ is feature complete, there will be no updates or bug fixes to the underlying dBASE V for DOS product.

What are the dBASE CLASSIC™ Support Options?

dBase, only offers installation support on the product. The dBASE V for DOS product is made available to help users who need a full copy of the product to continue to work with the product. NO DEVELOPER or INCIDENT support will be offered on the product.
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