The worldwide database standard

dBASE for DOS is the best way to manage your data and build high-performance database applications for DOS.

  • 100% dBASE standard
  • Complete solution for users and developers
  • Event-handling and object models
  • Developer’s Desktop Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • Unique Two-Way-Tools(tm)
  • Form Designer with graphical controls
  • Fully integrated 32-bit .EXE compiler
  • Full network multiuser support

dBASE CLASSIC™ will NOT run on Windows® 8 32 bit Operating Systems or above or on any Windows® 64 bit Operating Systems without an MS-DOS emulation program such as dbDOS™.


dBASE V is the highest performance database management system for DOS. More than seven million people like you rely on dBASE(rg) to manage their important information. And dBASE V is fully compatible with dBASE III PLUS(rg) and dBASE IV.(rg) You can continue to build on your investment in data and applications.


Your applications created with previous versions of dBASE run up to 20 times faster with 32-bit support, SpeedFilters,(tm) and Virtual Memory Management. Your queries, forms, reports, and programs will work faster so you’ll get fast results.


dBASE V retains its proven Control Center interface, giving you everything required to manage your data more productively, without programming.
Get answers fast with Query By Example (QBE)–simply click on the fields you want.
Create impressive forms, reports, and labels easily with Quick Layout options or customize your own with the Visual Design tools.
Use the Applications Generator to tie all your tables, queries, forms, and reports together into a custom solution, without programming.


All the tools you need are in one place with the unified Developer’s Desktop. Build applications faster than ever before. Command and Results Windows let you enter dBASE commands, cut, copy and paste, and see results instantly.

Unique Two-Way-Tools let you work interchangeably between the visual tool and source code for maximum productivity. And Context-sensitive On-line Help system explains every dBASE command and function as you create your programs.


Now you can create powerful multiwindow DOS applications fast with the Event Model. More than 40 commands and functions. More than 150 Common User Access (CUA) language elements. Crosstab Expert makes creating sophisticated cross-tabulation reports simple. The Quick Layout and Form Designer let you work with built-in objects to visually create Windows-like applications. Select push buttons, radio buttons, check boxes, pick lists, and more, from the Object Palette to create your form. Just right-click for the Object Inspector,(rg) to modify any object’s properties without programming.


dBASE V for DOS includes Integrated 32-bit Compiler with full preprocessor and MAKE facility, so you can distribute fully functional, high-performance .EXEs without royalties or runtime fees. And Project Manager coordinates all of your development efforts.


Virtual Memory Management allows your applications to utilize up to 4Gb of combined RAM and hard disk. Use up to 225 work areas. Unlimited record locking for more powerful multiuser applications. Powerful array-handling capability.


dBASE for DOS and dBASE for Windows users can share data instantly.
Keep data up to date with automatic record and file locking and screen refresh.
Protect sensitive data with multilevel password protection and data encryption.
Ensure data integrity through transaction processing with rollback.
Add users economically with dBASE License Pack (available separately).


  • Database Management
  • Control Center
  • Catalog Manager
  • Visual Design Tools
  • Database Table Designer
  • Query By Example (QBE)
  • Form Designer
  • Report Designer
  • Label Designer
  • Applications Generator


  • Operations are up to 20 times faster than dBASE III PLUS and IV v1.x., two times faster than dBASE IV v2.0
  • 32-bit DOS extender technology
  • Built-in Virtual Memory Manager
  • SpeedFilter technology for fastest results

Application Development Tools

  • Time-tested Visual Design Tools and Applications Generator
  • Automatic code generation
  • Symbolic multiwindowed Debugger
  • Developer’s Desktop Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • Separate windows for command (dot prompt) input and results output
  • Two-Way-Tools read and write Common User Access (CUA) source code
  • CUA Form Designer
  • Object Palette with radio buttons, check boxes, push buttons, list boxes, and combo boxes
  • Field Palette
  • Menu Designer
  • Text and Memo Editor
  • Open same file in more than one window
  • Substring search and list
  • Compiler accessible from editor
  • Right-click mouse button for command-level, context-sensitive help
  • Integrated 32-bit Compiler
  • MAKE utility
  • Autolinker, preprocessor
  • dSPLIT/dJOIN distribution tools
  • Full wildcard support in COMPILE command
  • Project Manager
  • Lists all application components
  • Edit any component
  • Options include output directories and preprocessor support
  • Calculator, calendar, and ASCII chart
  • Cross-tabulation Expert(tm)

dBASE Language

  • English-like, high-level language with more than 500 commands and functions
  • Sophisticated Object Model
  • Powerful Event-handling Model
  • 214 language enhancements including:
    • 15 event handlers
    • 22 classes (stock objects)
    • 105 properties
    • 11 methods
    • 13 array functions
    • Error trapping
    • Conditional indexes
    • Enhanced mouse event handling
    • User-Defined Functions (UDFs)
    • Language driver ID checking
    • C language-like low-level file I/O functions
    • Blank support

Data Safeguards

  • AUTO SAVE writes each record to disk automatically
  • Data validation
  • Password protection (up to eight levels)
  • Data encryption

Multiuser Features

  • Automatic file and unlimited record locking
  • Automatic retry when record/file is locked
  • Indication of which users have locks
  • Change detection and screen refresh
  • Transaction processing with rollback


  • Up to 225 work areas (enhanced)
  • Up to one billion records per file
  • Maximum record size: 4,000 bytes
  • Up to 256 fields per record
  • Up to 254 characters per field
  • Up to 47 indexes per master index file
  • Up to 10 master index files per database
  • 65,535 elements per array

Special Features

  • Enhanced automated installation
  • Run other software from dBASE
  • Selectable VGA video modes
  • Context-sensitive help


  • Upward compatibility with applications and data created with dBASE III PLUS and dBASE IV
  • Data compatibility with dBASE on other platforms.

System Requirements

  • An Intel 386 (or higher) -based PC, 100% compatible
  • DOS 3.3 or later, 100%-compatible version
  • Minimum 4Mb extended RAM (6Mb extended RAM recommended)
  • Minimum 9Mb of hard disk space
  • Optional: Microsoft(rg) Windows 3.1 or later, or IBM(rg) OS/2(rg) 2.01 or later, 100%-compatible version
  • Pointing device: Mouse recommended
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